Regroup and Everbridge Offer Incident and Emergency Notification Systems

Published: 29th October 2010
Views: N/A and Everbridge are world leading companies in incident and emergency notification systems. They helps people to communicate at the time of crisis, manage operational incidents and connect on a daily basis. Group messaging includes email, SMS and text messages including international, voice broadcasts and voice blasts, messages through the corporate intranet such as Microsoft Sharepoint or a company’s intranet or enterprise system, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and even youtube, and even Outlook and web email accounts. Regroup and Everbridge’s notification platform makes communication with many as simple as it is when communicating with one.

Regroup Emergency Messaging Solutions was founded by computer scientists at Harvard and Stanford Universities in Palo Alto, CA and Cambridge, MA, in 2006. They work with companies like Hitachi, nonprofits, like the American Chemical Society, and large state school systems like SUNY in New York and the University of Alabama.

Like Regroup, Everbridge started with a shared vision of easily communicating to as many people as possible to save lives, minimize losses, protect assets and ensure continuity of operations. It notifies organization through emails, phones, fax, SMS which enables companies, colleges and universities to communicate with parents, students and staff through various contact methods. Everbridge is at level where it brings technology and expertise together for complete solution. They provide solution for everything like safety, survival during crisis, to cost cutting, efficiency in daily incident response.

Their notification system is easy to use be it an emergency or in daily routine. Even a non-technical can also communicates without makes much effort. In an emergency situation every single seconds counts. Everbridge mass notification system is very fast and rapid. It very efficiently send the message and the message would always go through. offers the easiest, effective, and efficient communication systems. The simple platform requires no installation or install process, and is all software-as-a-service / web platform. The easy setup requires zero maintenance and no server costs as all software is hosted at Regroup’s own servers located in redundant and various locations throughout the country and throughout the world. The flexible payment options provided by Regroup allow customers to pay as they grow and because of such features even small organizations, corporations, companies, and schools can utilize the advanced communication solutions offered by Regroup. The company aims to provide the latest communication technology that is in sync with the developments in the world of communication. The system is flexible to meet the needs of the today’s environment. The changes always come along without any disturbance and disruption to internal processes, infrastructure, or resources. Everything which is done in the company is done with perfection, right from the technology to the expertise and experience of the staff hired and the perfect practice shared with the community. offers emergency and urgent group messaging and communication solutions at affordable prices for schools and business organizations. Find out more about complete range of products and services provided by Regroup at

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